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About Me

While my career path began in Corporate America, I found myself called to work in education.  While teaching young children was immensely rewarding, my passion was rooted in guiding people through personal development techniques and problem solving interpersonal relationships.  Because of this I created and implemented several programs to help children, parents and teachers navigate the challenges faced in both school and home settings.  During this period of time, I found Reiki and while I honor the traditional teachings, I value making it more accessible to people who might not be knowledgeable in the world of holistic medicine.  Marrying my enthusiasm for supporting people through the challenges they face, with Reiki's power to calm the autonomic nervous system has been the base for my practice, and thus in 2006 The Meridian was born.  While traditional Reiki techniques alone provide immense benefit to the client, I incorporate breathwork, abdominal work and unwinding techniques to deepen the relaxation response and further improve the overall sense of well-being.  


Because I am such a believer in the benefits of Reiki, I work to expand its reach and accessibility of quality Reiki education for practitioners so that the community can be best served.  Over the years I developed a number of Reiki programs to better teach the future generations of Reiki Masters, which are still being taught today.    

In 2021 I experienced the benefits of frequency therapy through a Quantum Biofeedback system, as everything is made up of energy and energy is relational to frequency, this felt synchronous to the work I had been doing and I knew I needed to bring that into my practice.  2023 was the year of learning and growing through this system and I am so excited to be offering the access to these benefits to my clients.

Beyond my work, I have 2 grown children and 3 grandchildren with whom I love to hike, play and explore all the Sierra Nevadas have to offer!

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