The Meridian is an Integrative Approach to Healing the Mind, Body, & Spirit by Combining the Wisdom of the East with the Insight of the West

The Meridian is an integrative health center offering Reiki and Massage Therapy, inside Midtown Mindfulness. At the Meridian we believe combining therapies is more effective than utilizing one therapy alone, as it is almost always a combination of modalities which helps create wellness.

We cater to clients in all stages of life and all levels of health. Utilizing a teamwork approach, we have discovered the synergistic effects of multiple practitioners working together to provide the most complete integrative care available. The Meridian is located conveniently near the corner of Plumas and California across from The Bead Shop at 527 Plumas St.

Local Business Spotlight
Gina Gilbert-Green and her business Definition Wellness have contributed years of wisdom and expertise to creating the best version of you, wherever you are in life. Gina takes the time to
customize nutrition and personal training plans for every individual she works with! She is a huge asset to our community and a great resource for expanding your wellness knowledge. Gina exemplifies and shares her daily meals/activities as a busy mother of three, on her Facebook page: Definition Wellness.

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“A jug fills drop by drop.” ~Buddha

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