Whitney Roubo-Tierney

Licensed Massage Therapist & Reiki Practitioner I graduated from Ralston School of Massage here in Reno, and obtained my Massage License in 2011. I have since received additional training and education in cranial sacral techniques, prenatal massage, and am in the process of completing the Reiki Master class. Currently, I am a senior at the University of Nevada, Reno working towards my Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Sciences, with a minor in Psychology. I am married, have two dogs and am passionate about helping people learn tools to manage their daily discomforts. I create a unique massage catered to your body’s specific needs in a safe, comfortable environment.  Having a strong background in sports massage and pain management, I utilize non-invasive, manual therapy techniques to provide relief for clients in both chronic and acute pain.   Sports massage can improve posture, increase muscle balance, strength and stability, increase range of motion, and relieve pain.  I work with clients to relieve pain associated with migraines, sciatica, low back pain, plantar fascitis, rotator cuff injuries, tennis elbow, upper back tension, sprains, strains, general aches and pains, post surgical/injury tension and the list goes on! I believe in the importance of working with individuals as well as their team of healthcare professionals/coaches, in order to achieve the optimal results they are looking for. I am also very passionate about helping individuals achieve a state of relaxation. I believe that this world is so incredibly stressful for most people that if relaxing for even one hour can be achieved, the potential health benefits are significant. Relaxation massage is optimal for individuals who are looking to promote stress reduction, strengthen their immune system, and increase their overall sense of wellbeing. It is safe for people of all ages and can be easily adapted to accommodate many different conditions individuals may have. Relaxation massages are customized to the individual’s unique needs and comfort levels to create a calming environment and soothe mental, physical and emotional angst. Frequently, Reiki is incorporated into the massage; because of its non-invasive calming of the autonomic nervous system, clients oftentimes find they achieve deeper levels of relaxation when it is utilized during their massage. Remember the hour is about you, no matter where you receive your massage, it can always be adapted to support your specific wellness goals.

src=”//d2k394ztg01v3m.cloudfront.net/images/schedulenow_00_lg.v1.png” border=”0″ /> Current Specials and Pricing:  $75/hr ; $60/hr with a valid student/military/first responder ID   Testimonials:                                                                                                                                                                                                             Went to The Meridian Integrated Healthcare and experienced a sports massage from Ms. Whitney Roubo, and WOW do I feel better. I didn’t know what to expect because I didn’t know how a “sports massage” differed. It felt more like physical therapy than typical massage. One thing that was especially helpful was her knowledge of martial arts. While there isn’t a “martial arts syndrome,” she said if there was one, I had it.  She worked areas specific to martial arts, and when I left I felt… younger. It’s true. I actually have hope that maybe this body will be able to do these types of activities for another maybe 10 years! Thanks Whitney! ~Judith Whitney Roubo did some work on me recently. It was amazing to have some positive results with my body…it doesn’t seem to happen often. I was in some consistant pain before I saw her – and right afterwards I felt like I was hit by a train. Let me say: TOTALLY WORTH IT. Because a couple of days later I felt a million times better. She is the one to go to when you need to get your body on track! I recommend that you see Whitney if you want to correct the side effects of an active lifestyle or even just the daily wear & tear your body receives. GO TO Whitney Roubo Sports Massage!!! You’ll be glad you did! :) ~Stephenie Food For Thought http://www.massagetherapy.com/learnmore/benefits.php http://www.naturalnews.com/033113_low_back_pain_massage_therapy.html NV License #5333

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--Mother Teresa

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