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Current Instructors

Kim Roubo has built the curriculum of this series based on her years of experience as a Reiki Master Teacher. It is intended to provide an opportunity for personal evaluation and growth, introduce and expand upon the core concepts of Reiki fundamentals, and ultimately provide a supportive learning environment for students to develop their own way of utilizing these tools to provide healthy Reiki experiences for themselves and clients (if they choose to be practitioners). After over a decade of assisting in these Reiki classes, Kim has passed her curriculum and much of her knowledge on to Whitney Tierney, Reiki Master Teacher. While Whitney is continuing instruction of these group classes, Kim is now accepting Reiki practitioner students (Level II or III) who are trying to enhance their technique for their client sessions. These are one-on-one, 60 minute appointments, catered to the educational needs of the individual practitioner. Cost: $130

Reiki I *Upcoming Class September 29th*

The class will include discussion, lecture, questions and answers on the history of Reiki, the flow of energy, chakras, including Eastern and Western applications of Reiki. The class, which is held over a weekend, also includes a private 1 1/2 hour Reiki treatment, attunement and time to interact with the flow of Reiki energy. This class has a strong emphasis on learning the skills to ground and protect one’s own energy. Reiki I attunements bring with them a 3 month cleanse, after which you will be eligible for Reiki II. Cost: $250

Reiki II

Reiki II is the continuation of our Reiki series and is termed Oku Den which means ‘deeper knowledge’. Upon completion of this 6 week class, the student will be able to perform as a practitioner of Reiki. In order to complete this level of training, the student will be required to complete a designated number of Reiki sessions with supervision of the instructor following their second attunement. Reiki II attunements bring a 6 month cleanse, after which you will be eligible for Reiki III. Cost: $500 attunement & class, $250 instructor supervised Reiki sessions.

Reiki III

Reiki III is the final installment in the Reiki class series. This class will be taught annually, with each class beginning on the spring equinox. It is a 12 month course where we meet once a month to learn a new technique. The student has an entire month to practice the new technique before the class reconvenes. Each student is required to complete 96 sessions before the end of the course in order to receive their Reiki Master Certification. The cleanse associated with this attunement varies from person to person. Cost: $1500

How can I Register?

In order to take any of these Reiki Classes, you must first schedule a reiki appointment with Kim Roubo or Whitney Tierney to ensure you are balanced, as well as mentally and emotionally prepared for the cleansing process that comes with each attunement. If you have taken a Reiki class by a different instructor in the past, and are looking to take the next level in this Reiki series, please schedule an appointment with Whitney to discuss your previous training and its potential congruence with these classes. Keep in mind, becoming a Reiki Master is a commitment to learning, and potentially guiding other people as they learn their path. Kim’s classes are structured to ensure the safety of every participant and therefore one is only eligible to take the next level Reiki class once they complete the cleansing process. Should you have any questions or if you are interested in participating in the Reiki Classes, please call Whitney Tierney at 775.354.6811 to schedule your appointment.


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