Blog Entry #2: Spring Cleaning Your Mind

I just need some “me time” and then I will feel better, be able to work through this problem, finally be able to relax. Have you felt this way? Just wanted to run away for a weekend alone and have all your problems disappear? The good news: you are not alone.

I recently tried to do this myself, went away for a relaxing weekend and I thought the problems in my life were fixed (or at least greatly improved). Any wounds in my marriage seemed to be healed overnight, and I finally took a breath. But when I came home, all the problems that were there when I left were waiting for me. It was shocking to my system and incredibly depressing….All I wanted to do was turn around and run away again.

But since constantly running away isn’t an option, let’s take it off the table for solutions to the mind’s clutter. What does “you time” look like for you? Try and frame it in your mind as something you can do everyday in 30 min or less. No matter how simple or silly the activity may seem, recognize it as your time. For me, it’s that morning cup of coffee. I sit alone for 10 minutes and drink my cup of coffee in a quiet place. Some other tools people have come up with is recognizing their daily shower, journaling, that guilty pleasure tv program, or even that quick walk around the block with the dog as their recharge time.

Questions to ask yourself for successful you time:

Is it just for me?

Can I do this every day?

Do I feel more relaxed after I take this time?

Is it simple & easy to accomplish?

Try a few things on for size, see what feels easy and what makes you feel like you are ready to take on/unwind from your day! Recharging everyday will give you a free mini vacation, make you feel taken care of, and when you are taken care of you can better take care of your friends and family.

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